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Yoga in Menorca

Private yoga classes in Menorca

Can you imagine enjoying a yoga class in your home or in a natural environment? Would you like to choose the timetable in which to practice? Do you feel you can’t join a general yoga class because of your physical problems? Would you like to have custom designed yoga sessions? All these things are what I have come to solve with my private yoga sessions in Menorca.

Having a private yoga class gives you the possibility to have a totally personalised teaching. Not only will you have the possibility to adapt the yoga practice to your personal needs, but you will also have a permanent accompaniment in the process of the practice.

The value of the experience

I have trained in India. I have taught in Australia, Thailand and Argentina, as well as Spain. But what I consider the most important thing is that I maintain a daily practice.

Custom yoga sessions

Private sessions give me the possibility to adapt the classes to the needs of the practitioner. I take into account the wishes of the individual as well as the starting point of each person to design a tailor-made plan.

Yoga in your home

This is a great benefit if you are interested in personalised sessions. You don’t need to travel to take a yoga class. I go to your place with all the yoga props. You can also choose one of the many wonderful outdoors places in Menorca to practice.

By this, I mean the corrections in the asana alignments, the improvement in the breathing process and the help on the path of the search for inner peace, so important to what makes the practice of yoga as a way of life and tranquillity.

Why should you book a yoga session with me? Before I tell you why I am a very good option if you are thinking of practising yoga in Menorca, I would prefer that the yoga practitioners who have attended my classes tell you about their experiences with me.

I’ll share with you the comments and ratings they have been leaving me on my Google profile.

clases de yoga en menorca

Hi, I am Gastón

I came to yoga looking for solutions for my injuries and especially for my chronic lower back pain.

Through the regular and disciplined practice of yoga I not only recovered from my physical injuries, but also found a path of life.

This path taught me to be a nobler, more grateful, healthier person and above all, to enjoy every moment of life.

I really enjoy teaching and helping people to walk through this beautiful discipline.

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