India Yoga Experience

Live and enjoy an India Yoga Day in Menorca

Yoga Retreat in Menorca

A new experience in Menorca designed by me, Gastón Danterre, to re-create my participation as a yoga practitioner in India during two yeras

The yoga practice in India is quite different regarding what we usually practise yoga in western countries. It happens because of cultural differences but also, because in western countries teachers emphasize the asana aspect of yoga (movement).

The India Yoga Experience is my program to re-create yoga as people practise and understand it in India.

4 hours of pure nature in Menorca to experience this ancient discipline that goes deeper than just a series of asanas.

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Place of the yoga retreat in Menorca

The India Yoga Experience will take place in “Casa Mare Terra” around 4km from Mahón. The gate is on the left side of the Mahón-Ciutadella road (going from Mahón). Once you are there, there is a parking on the right. If you walk 50mts straight you will find the house and the yoga shala.

My inspiration to create the India Yoga Experience

The followings are videos that I recorded three years ago while I was studying in India. I want to share with those moments that helped me to understand that yoga is something bigger than a series of asanas. Check the setting for the English subtitles.

FAQ India yoga retreat Menorca

My style is a mix between Iyengar yoga and traditional Hatha yoga. I emphasize the aspects of breathing, alignment, precision of movements and body perception.

No problem. Because I study the Iyengar method I learnt how to adapt the yoga classes to any physical need. In this case I use the help of yoga props.

Nothing. I provide yoga mats, belts, blocks, chairs and bolsters. You can bring or use your own yoga mat if you want.

No, I will guide you in the walking meditation. So, no worries. No previous experience is needed.

Let me know before the events which food intolerance you have. In any case there will be options for lactose free and gluten free food.

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